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501st PIR Reenacted - Paratrooper - GlidermenThe Arizona WWII 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment Reenacted is a nonpolitical association, comprised of amateur historians and those interested in keeping the memories of America's Second World War Veteran's alive.

We are based in Arizona and the Southwest United States. Our purpose is to faithfully depict the American Airborne Trooper from Item Company 501st PIR and 327th Glider Infantry Regiment of World War II.

Paratroopers of the 501st PIR were young and enthusiastic men, willing to sacrifice their lives to protect and preserve freedom for millions of people throughout the world. Troopers of the 101st Airborne fought from the hedgerows of Normandy, to the bridges of Holland, and from the bitter cold of Bastogne to the capitulation of Germany.

Through living history events, WWII tactical battles (both private and public), displays of period accurate uniforms, equipment and techniques, we honor those Paratroopers, Glidermen who participated in the drama and tragedy of war, and whose efforts and sacrifices secured the Allied victory in World War II.


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